Monday, August 31, 2009

Defining "Alchemy"

Wikipedia defines alchemy as both the philosophy and a practice with the goal of achieving ultimate wisdom and immortality. These sciences, or "magics," were conducted through inorganic chemistry (something I cannot even begin to fathom) and other hoop-la that I would need all day to explain. I bring you this brief definition so I don't look like a complete imbecile for naming my blog after this ancient and mystical practice.

While I am striving to reach ultimate wisdom in the ice cream realm, would be nice if I could create "immortal" desserts that never suffered freezer burn or melted during transport, I understand that I cannot call myself an Alchemist for many reasons:

1. I'm just not
2. Although I tend to gravitate toward magic skills in video games, it would never quite transfer to real life
3. I deal only with organic compounds rather than the inorganic ones used by my chemistry-altering predecessors.

Regardless, I bring you this. A new project I have thrust upon myself with all the angst, anxiety, and desperate passion of a high school romance; I will cook, strain, and churn my way through a variety of ice cream cookbooks and blogs to form an elite list of treats that will inevitably become the best ice cream menu ever. This could take days, months, but more than likely years to accomplish but I am ready.

With my whisk and one hand, and a fistful of recipes in the other I challenge you to a duel! Anybody with suggestions, requests, ideas, or simply just challenges for recipes...comment if you dare and let the freezing commence!


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