Thursday, January 7, 2010

Citrus Trio

Concept from Ice Cream Galore by Caroline Barty

Citrus Trio
Lemon curd ice cream, grapefruit sorbet, and clementine granita

same ice creams, different plating

Out of the three, the lemon curd was my least favorite. I had to make homemade curd, which was essentially a cold hollandaise sauce, therefore the ice cream tasted like a frozen one. The grapefruit sorbet was super smooth and had the tartness of a fresh grapefruit. However, combined with the super sweetness of the clementine granita, the create a wonderful harmony.

The photos didn't turn out especially well...both were taken at night with poor lighting, and the first picture was spur of the moment without any sort of garnish. I would like to make this a successful dish, but the lemon curd ice cream has got to go. I could potentially replace it with a lemon gelato or perhaps a lime semifreddo.

Grapefruit on Foodista


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