Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream (Cashew/Almond base)

After many failures, I have finally figured out what I would like to use for my base. As mentioned in my Mocha Latte post, I figured out that cashew milk is not only delicious, but a very simple substitute for dairy! After messing around with the ratios a LOT, I have finally decided to reveal the most successful one thus far.

Cashew/Almond Base
(Obviously do NOT use this if you have nut allergies!)
2c. almond milk
1c. sugar
2c. cashews
4T. kuzu root (ground to powder)

Slowly heat the almond milk and sugar until sugar dissolves. Add kuzu powder and continue to heat until the mixture begins to thicken slightly. Make sure you are keeping control of the heat- not too hot! Pour the mixture over the cashews and allow to sit for 4 hours. Puree the mixture and strain. When straining, be careful not to push the cashew grounds through the sieve. You may stir the liquid in the strainer, but do not force the liquid through.

Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

1qt. cashew/almond base
1/2c. vegan chocolate chips
2T. chocolate liquor
1 large brownie or 3 regular/small brownies

In a double boiler, heat chocolate chips and 1T chocolate liquor. As the chocolate chips begin to melt, add the base 1/4c. at a time. By the time you finish adding the liquid, the chocolate should be fully melted. Cool the mixture. Add remaining 1T chocolate liquor. Churn the mixture until thick. Fold chunks of brownie into the ice cream and transfer to freezer-friendly container. Freeze until firm and enjoy!

This ice cream is delicious when paired with a glass of shiraz.


  1. What's with the odd thickener, kudzu? Cook's Thesaurus has some substitutes:

  2. If you look at my blog entry on stabilizers, I explain the reason behind my choice of kuzu root for my stabilizer/thickener. It's essentially just a personal choice because I dislike using xanthan gum, corn products, and other alternatives. It is an ingredient that I have found is useful, inexpensive, flavorless, and effective. There have also been studies that it has health benefits (although it would need to be in significant quantities).

    I appreciate your information, and others may find the link useful if they do not want to use kuzu as the thickener.

  3. hi kelly!

    awesome post. so interested in the cashew milk. a really good friend of mine is vegan and i love how you experiment with nondairy recipes!!

    thanks for sharing.

    lyndsay :)

  4. No problem! So far the cashew/almond mixture has been the best in terms of texture and hardness. If your friend has an ice cream maker (or the patience to do it the old fashioned way of freeze/whisk/freeze/whisk) then you should definitely direct them here! I'd love to be of some assistance!

  5. aaah! I can't believe I've only discovered this blog now! holy camoly, you are doing a good thing here. I just bought an ice cream machine and am dying to get my vegan ice cream oon! thnx!

  6. I think you may be a genius and I need an ice cream maker.